Private Equity

As part of our real-estate expertise, we also offer Private Equity services on real estate investment. With our long-term experience working in Oman and the GCC real estate markets, we are able to respond rapidly to market cycles and fluctuations in supply & demand.

Our approach to Private Equity investment is two-fold:

  • We focus on core acquisitions for investors with a more conservative approach.
  • We also look at entrepreneurial ground-up development for commercial, industrial or residential real estate.

We can work with investors on a targeted investment strategy or offer them the possibility to become a co-investor with INMA on a specific property. Given our asset management expertise, we may also be mandated by investors to search for particular asset type which we can operate on-behalf of the investor.

We have a tailored approach to our investment and work directly with individual investors, meeting their requirements from ROI goals to threshold to risk. Historically, we have worked with various clients on acquisition of premium developments or high-end retail properties in top quality locations with longer-term holding periods.