Leasing & Rental

With over 30 years of experience in the leasing market, INMA has developed reliable services to match customers’ ever-evolving needs. We have a vast portfolio of properties, on a short- or long-term lease, including villas, apartments, office space and warehouses. 

Our approach for all leasing project is three-fold:  

1. Match your needs
It is important for us to understand every aspect of your requirements. Based on this, we are able to select properties which match your needs, from your budget preferences to location and amenities required.
2. Take care of your project
Once you sign off on a property, we help you with all the administrative requirements, from coordinating viewings to handling paperwork and legal documentation until the lease is finalized.
3. Support you on the long-term
Our role doesn’t stop at the lease signing. We provide valuable assistance for all your maintenance needs. Our team manages all your requests seamlessly, from renovation work to other maintenance requirements.

Based on our experience in the Omani and GCC market, we are also able to offer professional advice on property pricing and investment strategies.
We continuously support our clients on the long-term, making sure that we deliver high-quality professional service with all its added benefits.